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ski lessons

for kids


Our kids ski instructors have many years of experience especially in the field of working with kids.

In the course instructors teach how to ski with games and activities specifically designed for kids. Our kids area (funny land) is never boring. The first turns your child makes will be a monumental experience for both parent and kids!



We have specific groups for those who can ski already.

Please make a reservation in time because it's a great help for our classification and so the start for you and your kids will be much easier!


You can choose either morning or afternoon lessons

10.00 a.m. - 12.00 a.m.


13.15 a.m. bis 15.15 a.m.

Please let us know your favored starting time

early enough. It's a great help for us and you have your reserved course!


ski lessons for kids
entire day

1 day........€  95,-

2 days......€ 175,-

3 days......€ 229,-

4 days......€ 248,-

5 days......€ 265,-

6 days......€ 275,-

ski lessons for kids

1 hd......€   79,-

2 hd......€ 155,-

3 hd......€ 205,-

4 hd......€ 228,-

5 hd......€ 239,-

6 hd......€ 259,-


Upon request.

For the small ones (at least 3,5 years of age)

Only on Sunday

Each Friday we hold a huge finish-race-event with all groups! Start is around 10:30 am.

It requires at least 4 persons per group - otherwise the lessons will be performed with reduced time or extra charge.

mid-day care service
mid-day care
service for

We also offer a mid-day care service for the kids who choose to stay and have lunch  with the group. Cost is 

16 euros for lunch and a drink. After lunch, the ski instructor and the group play games and have fun.

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